NOV 8: St. Louis Rally and Prayer Vigil

By joining the Facebook Event listed below, you can join on the phone conferences with legislators, the Twitter storms, and on-the-ground events. This groundswell is growing in Helene’s wake, and 1000s of activists all across the unratified states are pushing hard on Congress and their state legislatures to RATIFY ERA!

Rally in St. Louis!!                     March into Springfield, IL!!

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From Helene’s Blog:

we are holding a Prayer Vigil & Rally at the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis, MO on November 8, 2014 at noon to 2pm.  The Old Courthouse is where the Dred Scott Decision was issued March 6, 1857.

Please be sure to JOIN, INVITE, SHARE and POST this Facebook Event Page everywhere.

After the St. Louis vigil my grassroots organizer Portia and I will head out with a small group of women as we walk into Illinois to call on the Illinois State Assembly and Governor for Illinois to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Women will walk with me into Springfield, Illinois will demonstrate that like Ghandji this can be accomplished peacefully while chaos surrounds us.Many women will be gathering at the Illinois Prayer Vigil and Rally we will holding in Springfield.  It is important to note that the Illinois State Senate ratified the ERA in about 36 hours from being dropped into the hopper and being voted on the floor. Which is simply amazing!


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